6 key contributors to a successful project.

5 Feb


Although the team leader of an IS project has the most authority, the project will not be a success without the essential roles carried out by the managers, IT staff, sponsors, system analysts and last but certainly not least, the users.

1.The leader of any project is required to be a neutral person, who is responsible for planning meetings, setting agendas and facilitating discussions. The leader will not contribute to idea generation or give their personal opinions. They are ultimately appointed to facilitate the group process, to resolve conflict and solicit all ideas.

2.Managers are responsible for giving organisational directions. They explain the motivations of the system and the organisation impact of said system. They are required to support requirement determination and collaboration during SR. Managers are vocal participants within the team.

3.IT staff are an essential component of any IS team. IT staff are responsible for prosing ideas for new Information Systems. They evaluate the technical feasibility of a project and explain the limitations of the current system. The main role of an IT staff member is to listen and learn from discussion.

4.System analyst’s play a similar role, in that, their participation is limited and they do not dominate meetings or run the sessions. The System analyst will learn form end users and managers.

5.The sponsor of a project provides funding. The user has limited participation. They are usually only present at the beginning at the end of the IS system development meetings.

6.The User may well play the most important role in developing an IS system. The user is an active speaking participant. They are required to explain their needs in regard to the system, and how they plan to use the new system. This ensures that the system can be designed to fulfil the needs of the end user.

reference: cathaldoyle.com


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