Agile Methods of Software Development (SCRUM)

5 Feb

There are a variety of Agile method’s which lead to software development. Agile software development (ASD) is defined as a methodology for the creative process that anticipates the need for flexibility and applies a level of pragmatism into the delivery of the finished product. Agile methods are incremental, straightforward, adaptive and cooperative.  The four main methodologies of Agile Software Development are:

OExtreme Programming (XP)
O Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
O Crystal Clear and Other Crystal Methodologies
This post will focus mainly on the SCRUM method.In 1986, Hirotaka Takeuchi (竹内 弘高) and Ikujiro Nonaka (野中 郁次郎) invented the SCRUM method.  Projects progress via a series of iterations called sprints during the SCRUM method. Each sprint is typically 2-4 weeks long and sprint planning is very important. While an agile approach can be used for managing any project, SCRUM is ideally suited for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements such as we find in software development. Some of the feature’s of the SCRUM method read as follows:
•Iterative and incremental development
•Frequent releases
•Fast feedback
•Inspect & adapt at the core
•Excellent techniques for planning

The Scrum Framework in 30 Seconds

  • product owner creates a prioritized wish list called a product backlog.
  • During sprint planning, the team pulls a small chunk from the top of that wishlist, a sprint backlog, and decides how to implement those pieces.
  • The team has a certain amount of time, a sprint, to complete its work – usually two to four weeks – but meets each day to assess its progress (daily scrum).
  • Along the way, the ScrumMaster keeps the team focused on its goal.
  • At the end of the sprint, the work should be potentially shippable, as in ready to hand to a customer, put on a store shelf, or show to a stakeholder.
  • The sprint ends with a sprint review and retrospective.
  • As the next sprint begins, the team chooses another chunk of the product backlog and begins working again.
The key features to a successful SCRUM method are below:
•Self organising teams/ empowered teams
•Team based, collaborative approach
•Defined roles and responsibilities
•Has a prescribed cycle/ rhythm (ceremonies)
I will be explaining the remaining Agile methods of software development in future blog’s.

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