Developing and Purchasing Information Systems

5 Feb

Advantages of outsourcing IS

Every organisation using information systems must decide whether to outsource the information sytem or develop the information system within the firm. Outsourcing involves contracting a process or function of the business to a third party organisation.

There are many benefits of outsourcing information.

  • Outsourcing makes certain extra resources, such as high class IT specialists, more readily affordable.
  • Outsourcing can reduce your overhead costs. Instead of hiring professionals to do the work it is done by a third party. This means there are no extra salary costs, training costs, extra work space required etc.
  • The outsourcing company will offer the firm a professional service, including maintentance and support for your software.
  • Outsourcing allows better adaptability to changes in the market to increase the firms competitive advantage.
  • Outsourcing allows you to redistribute your investments
  • Outsourcing companies have the experience and knowledge to develop IS that the firm may not have access to.

An example of an outsourcing company is this area “Outsourced Information Systems”.

This company specialises in websites, mobile applications and windows applications.


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