Traditional Methods of Software Development.

5 Feb

A Software Development life cycle (SDLC) is a way of creating or even altering an information system and the models that may be used to develop these systems. They have several uses such as to develop, maintain and also to replace I.S. It is a very structured way of developing I.S. SDLC  was developed  to correct problems in the existing sysytems but also to improve the exisitngsystem. It also had various functions which had many benefits for example it helped to reduce failures, reduced the possibility of systems not metting users needs and also managed to ease the procesess of building a system. The SDLC followed fve stages: they are:






There are two types ofSDLC: traditional and agile methods.The main types of agile methods are Scrum and Extreme Promgramming.There are three main types of traditional models they are: the spiral, waterfall and the v-model. These models tend to be more simple and easy to use. We will focus more on these traditional models in following posts.


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