Using I.S. for decision making

6 Feb


Information systems (I.S.) provide useful information for organizations.  I.S. enables operational excellence, new business models, customer and supplier intimacy, competitive advantage, survival and, importantly, improved decision making.  Improved decision making can be achieved through a decision support system.

Decision Support System (DSS) is a computer-based information systems that supports individuals/ groups in organizations decision-making activities.  DSS assists the three levels of decisions making; senior, middle and operational management, (  The interactive system helps decision makers collect useful information a mixture of sources such as raw data, documents, personal knowledge or business models.  The information collected can then be used to help classify and solve problems and make appropriate decisions.   The information collected can also be used to improve areas within the organization.  Such areas include; personal efficiency, organizational control, interpersonal communication, competitive advantage, innovative ideas and many more.


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