Using Information Systems to gain competitive advantage

6 Feb

Technology has changed the way businesses operate today. This can be seen as manual processes are now automated, many methods of communications are now electronic and so on. The introduction of technology has enhanced the way we do businesses today. Information systems (IS) continuously evolves and offers more and more possibilities. Businesses must see that IS is not just a collection of information, it is much more than that, it is a tool used to enhance the operation of a business. These tools can be used in various ways and how it is valued depends on how the business utilizes it. The implementation of IS can give businesses a competitive advantage:

Enhance jobs:
By implementing IS, it can create more efficiency in the workplace. This will reduce the time involved in processing thus allowing the employees to move onto more important tasks. The staff will no longer have to spend hours sorting through documents, data and other information.

IS allows the business to stand out from its competitors. Information systems can be used in such a way that consumers can be offered that no other competitors can provide. With this, it can attract new customers making the business more profitable.

Coordination of supply and distribution:
The use of IS can allow businesses to measure the level of stock, track orders and manage their entire supply chain. This can facilitate managers the ease to identify any problems and solve this before it can become a major and costly issue.

By integrating the business processes with the internet, it can generate efficiency, effectiveness and enhancement at the same time. This can enhance the customers experience when they shop online improves the performance of the business.

In today’s competitive environment, managers need to make quick and effective decisions. The use of IS can benefit managers as it provides up-to-date information which is used in the decision-making process. With all the information available, managers can decide which action to take.

Information systems can effectively and efficiently share information within or outside a business. These information are crucial as they are used by managers for making major decisions in a business.



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