Technology is Pulling Trends within IS.

7 Feb

In today’s world, Information systems are developing parallel to the development of technology. Once a new piece of technology is developed relative to IS, it will want to be used by most users of that information system. Today’s technological world is expanding rapidly and its up to management to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest information system trends in order to stay relevant and most importantly efficient  Due to the increase in the technology available in today’s world, a lot more is expected of the information system used within a company. People now expect to do a lot less paperwork and also expect for different processes to be carried out much faster. For example, if one was to set up a brand new bank tomorrow without an high quality information system and instead relied purely on an organised paperwork system do you think that this bank would survive?

No is the answer. The bank may survive small scale with a very little amount of customers. However, this would not be profitable nor rewarding. What people need, on both sides of the spectrum, customers and maintenance, is a way of processing information in a fast and reliable manner in order to have confidence in it and help them to continue on in their fast moving lives.

Information systems are all around us. Another example is with the development of the internet in the last 10 years, a huge breakthrough in technology. Due to this breakthrough, information systems have been developed to take full advantage of this resource. It has even become possible for people to access their favourite shops online to make orders which can be delivered right to them quickly and conveniently  Every customer who inputs their details into that data base is using and information system, That information will move throughout the company whether it be shipping address, purchasing information or payment methods. Without an organised and reliable information system this method of shopping, which has become such a major section of the economy and growth, would not be existent.

It is clear that  one of the reasons for trends in information systems is the development of technology.


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  1. sad111331526 February 18, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    Really interesting blog, I learned alot!

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