The importance of information.

7 Feb

Information holds a great importance to information systems as a whole. Without relevant, up-to-date information where would we begin?Without past logged data, how would we compare data and figure the trends that are unfolding?It would simply not be possible. Information takes many forms, numerical, theories and secondary. Vol says that the ‘value of information can never be less then zero”. This is because the person who finds this information can, if they choose, to ignore it. We have cultivated data and updated information readily available at out finger tips. This, I feel we take for granted. Putting the importance of information into a information system context. Take the waterfall model as an example. The second stage, analysis. Would we even be able to reach this stage with readily availablr information? A degree of analysis involves comparing data found against past data, figuring out trends and patterns. How would we make an informed decision on our frindings without it?The word, impossible, springs to mind.


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