Agile Software Development

10 Feb

Over the course of the coming weeks I will be posting about Agile methods of software development which will involve giving an in-depth view of this type of software development and its various methodologies. Here is an introduction into Agile software development.

The Agile software development method is one of many that can be used in the construction of information systems.  Agile software development involves teams  working continuously together in order to produce a software package that is both effective and satisfactory for the customer. Because of the nature of the teams working together in a close capacity, there is an increased emphasis on quality.

The Agile method has proven to be very useful in designing information systems as many if them require adjustments after the original specifications have been agreed and signed off on.

In the coming days and weeks I will go into further detail about Agile and the different means of developing information systems that it employs.


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