Trends in Information Systems; in our community.

10 Feb

In my last blog I gave an overview of how information systems are changing day by day at a rapid rate as a whole.

Today I will look at a few individual trends and how they have impacted different sectors of society.

Information systems have played a vital role in the health care system over the years. For example Hospital Information Systems (HIS) in the health sector. They not only manage health care costs but also improve the quality of care to patients. Information systems are present to store, process and communicate information to decision makers such as doctors and nurses for better coordination of healthcare to both the individual and the wider community. This can be seen in data mining and decision support capabilities in which they are able to identify potential adverse events for the patient while at the same time learning from these events and passing on crucial information that may benefit the population by providing insights into the causes and cures of certain diseases. Without information systems being part of the health system we would not be at such an advanced stage in medical research.

Another such trend that one of my group members has talked about is Peer to Peer Networking. Today I will look at the advantages of Peer to Peer Networking. Peer to Peer Networking allows for the sharing of files across devices. On the internet they handle high volumes of file sharing traffic by distributing resources across all the devices. It allows for data to be shared whether for downloads or uploads to and from your computer. They tend to be more beneficial than client-server networks in case of a failure occurring. People are now able to interact with family and friends across the globe through Skype, using both video calling and instant messaging, all free of charge.


(Google Images).

Another such trend growing from strength to strength is data mining also known as ‘knowledge discovery’. Data mining means going through huge amounts of data and extracting the meaning out of the data. Data mining can be seen across the banking sector. Domingo (2003) states that “As banking competition becomes more and more global and intense, banks have to fight more creatively and proactively to gain or even maintain market shares.” The application of data mining is also seen in the retail sector which has resulted in retailers like WalMart experiencing sales of 20%. Retailers are also able to collect valuable information from their customers and target them for future visits to their supermarket. I found an interesting article at, about data mining in the banking sector, have a look.

All the above are major trends growing and changing day by day.

Next week I will look at the major trends seen coming through in social media, its future trends along with the addition of online shopping.

  •  Domingo, Rene T (2003), Applying data mining to banking Business Management Articles.



3 Responses to “Trends in Information Systems; in our community.”

  1. sad111350151 February 11, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Really enjoyed this, I find IS in the health sector really interesting:) Looking forward to next weeks blog on social media and online shopping:)

  2. sad111302881 February 13, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    Great blog! really enjoyed reading it!

  3. sad109566511 February 16, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    great blog,very informative 🙂

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