What is the role of a Systems Analyst?

10 Feb

The role of a systems analyst is to understand and specify in detail what an information system should do. He/she reviews current systems and makes recommendations on how to improve them if not to install a new system.They are highly educated in software, operating systems and computer hardware. Their job is to make sure systems meet business and job requirements. Cost analysis is just one of the tasks in which systems analysts may be responsible for. One could say they act as the middle man between suppliers and information technology professionals. They may do research with business customers to find out just what is required and in demand. It’s their job to present the completed system to those in charge and all responsibility may fall on them. In later blogs I will go into further depth on the role of the systems analyst dissecting each responsibility and task.

One Response to “What is the role of a Systems Analyst?”

  1. sad111454608 February 23, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

    This is a good blog, it shows that you have donr research into system analyst but that there is much more about them that you plan to continue in your next blog.

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