The first system analyst- David Caminer

11 Feb

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While trying to get more information about system analysts, I came across a few articles about the death of the first system analyst so I decided to write my second blog on the man himself David Caminer who died on the 19th of June 2008, making him 92 years of age.

David Caminer was born in the East of London and was actually called David Treisman; this was before his father was killed in the Second World War.

Caminer was a systems engineer for J. Lyons, the cake and tea-shop company, which found the earliest ways to use computers for business purposes. Caminer worked mainly in the area of operations management and cost accounting. Caminer helped, with John Pinkerton, the LEO (Lyons Electronic Office).

The system was used to automate stock control and payroll functions. This system was so successful that it was even outsourced to companies such as Ford, which they used the system for similar reasons. The 500 KHz computer made it more efficient to calculate workers’ salaries, on average it took 8 minutes to do it manually whereas it only took 1.5 seconds to calculate it with the new system. This new system gave the company more time to focus on sales and how to improve the business, this system made the company more efficient.

Caminer designed the first flow charts to show how software should be written.

For more information about David Caminer the following website has a lot of interesting facts:Β 

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David Caminer

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