Trends in Information Systems

11 Feb

Information systems have evolved greatly over the past decade. One of the major trends in information systems is that of improved decision-making. This is particularly relevant for Management Information Systems.

Management Information Systems are used by middle management to monitor and control the business. They take reports from Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) and as a result they are generally summary-based so they provide the general information needed to make decisions. These systems are sub-divided into Decision Support Systems and Executive Information Systems. Both of these systems support non-routine decision making within an organisation by using internal data from TPS. It may provide information such as sales figures, competitors’ prices etc.

Using this information, managers may make decisions on planning, organising and controlling the business. Before MIS, managers had to collect data themselves and interpret it but with information systems like this the data is already processed and summarised so decision making is done quickly and more efficiently. (Managing the Digital Firm; Laudon)


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