value of information

11 Feb

According to Koniger and Janowitz “information is only valuable to the extent that it is structured. Because of a lack of structure in the creation, distribution and reception of information, the information often does not arrive where it is needed and, therefore is useless”. for information to be used properly it needs to be presented in the right medium, in time and be understood by whoever is getting it in order for it to be correctly used. Rowley and Farrow also state that there are 7 r’s of information management.


reading: collecting relevant knowledge.

recognition: information absorbed into the cognitive framework of the individual.

reinterpretation: the conversion of knowledge into a form that can be easily communicated.

reviewing: the conversion of public knowledge into validated knowledge.

release: making public knowledge available to the organizations and people who might find it of value.

restructuring: organizations may select certain bits of data that they judge to be of specific interest in meeting their objectives.

retrieval: collected information can be used as a resource by individuals to retrieve relevant knowledge.


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references: Koniger P.; Janowitz K. drowning in information, but thirsty for knowledge, international journal of information management, Volume 15, Number 1, February 1995 , pp. 5-16.

Rowley j. Farrow j. organizing knowledge, an introduction to managing access to information, third edition.



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