Automation in the workplace.

12 Feb
Hey Bloggers,
Automation is an everyday workplace task. It is one of the key results of the electronic revolution. Word processors, spreadsheets,databases, accounting packages, networks, and e-mail are but some of the innovations that have transformed the way we working the late twentieth century. The diversity of these tools is the source of some of the most serious office problems that are encountered, with tens of thousands of programs running on dozens of different kinds of computers and operating systems, often linked together by a variety of networks, the potential for incompatibilities is great. Without doubt, the major change in the office scene over the past few decades is the introduction of Information Technology.
Office automation is the combination of:
  • word processing
  • electronic filing
  • diary management
  • communications, including electronic mail, telex and fax.
These key functions are the basic requirements of any office or department within an organisation. Office automation aims to organise these functions in such a way that they do not have to be carried out on a variety of equipment.

Key benefits to office automation are as follows:

  • Office automation reduces the number of administration workers needed in carrying out routine tasks
  • Large firms no longer have to employ typists
  • Office employees become more flexible and as a result one person can now do the jobs of several people
  • Receptionists can spend more time with clients
  • Managers need not necessarily delegate typing, with the secretary’s role being redefined to include more public Relations work.
  • Another one is an auto confirmation email that you receive when you pay for anything online. It is automatically sent to your email.

 Next  i will be discussing decision support systems in greater detail!!.



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  1. sad112712305 February 12, 2013 at 6:01 pm #

    Fantastic blog !

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    Great Blog!

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