First Stage of SDLC

12 Feb

The initial phase of the software development life cycle is planning. The problem must be identified by investigating the issue. “Proper comprehensive project planning is essential to a successful IT project, and incomplete project planning and analysis are frequently root causes of project failure.” You must set objectives or goals in the planning stage. “The purpose of the Planning Phase is to plan all project processes and activities required to ensure project success and to create a comprehensive set of plans, known as the Project Management plans, (PMP) to manage the project from this phase until project termination.” A team should be developed. The planning team should take note of all relevant information and make a concise document of their notes. The planning team should also “implement routine deliverable reviews to correct inaccuracy, incompleteness, and ambiguities.” The planning phase is of great importance its where objectives and goals are set out and from this the team know what they have to achieve. The key deliverables of the planning phase are a general problem statement, team members and roles and a feasibility report. Proper planning is essential for an IT project to be successful.

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