the benefits of using Agile Software Development.

12 Feb


In This blog I will be continuing on the same theme as last week and outlining the disadvantages to Agile Software Development

One of the main disadvantages to this process is that there is less focus on key designs and documentation compared to traditional software development. The key to a successful project would be to insure the documentation is kept up to date in the most condensed form possible and that the designing is at a high standard but kept simple.

When it comes to a large project run under Agile Software Development the requirements and times scales can be difficult to predict, however this problem is much more manageable with smaller projects,

With so much customer involvement the project can go astray if the customer doesn’t start out with a clear understanding of what they want and if they fail to communicate this clearly.

For a project to be successful the programmer must have a lot of experience and programmers who don’t have this experience must be closely supervised,this can lead to high labour costs.


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