What is the role of a systems analyst – skills and qualities!

13 Feb

A system analyst is a very important person within a company. Although some companies may have different views to what a system analyst’s role is, the companies still look for the same desirable skills and qualities.

The most desirable skills are:
Patience – this is one thing that many people lack and it is crucial that a system analyst has this as many projects fail and also programmes will crash (they fail most of the time) and the system analyst will have to try and revert the problem which takes time and it you don’t have patience then you are in trouble! This is by far the number one desired quality many companies will look for in a systems analyst.
People skills – you must be able to work with a different variety of people and also be able to work on a team. According to Jamie Hoag “. You should be an assertive person”.
Problem solving – as said above under patience the system analyst will have to be able to understand why a programme failed and figure out how to fix it as soon as possible because it could have some bad consequences for the company if they are relying on it.
Excellent communication abilities– as the system analyst will be working with a variety of people they will have to have very strong communication skills.

According to Jamie Hoag “These are all things that should be within the person naturally along with the actual computer skills necessary to analyse systems”.



One Response to “What is the role of a systems analyst – skills and qualities!”

  1. sad109417338 February 14, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

    Interesting description of some of the skills and qualities systems analysts need and it links up well with the roles they play!

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