What is an Information System and what are it’s major roles?

15 Feb

Hi there,

As I mentioned last week, I will begin my blog by uploading a video blog on ‘What is an Information System?’. In this vlog, Professor Michael Bieber explains Information Systems and the value of the program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology to prospective students.

There are three major roles of an Information System.

  • Firstly, it supports competitive advantage and decision making on a strategic level.Gaining a strategic advantage over competitors requires innovative use of information technology. For example, store managers might make a decision to install computerized touch-screen catalog ordering systems in all of their stores, tied in with computer-based telephone ordering systems and an Internet-based computer shopping network. This might attract new customers and lure customers away from competing stores because of the ease of ordering merchandise provided by such innovative information systems. Strategic information systems can help provide strategic products and services that give a business organization a comparative advantage over its competitors.
  • Secondly, it supports business decision making on a tactical level. Information systems also help store managers make better decisions. For example, decisions on what lines of merchandise need to be added or discontinued, or on what kind of investment they require, are typically made after an analysis provided by computer-based information systems. This not only supports the decision making of store-managers but also helps them look for ways to gain an advantage over other retailers in the competition for customers.
  • Finally, it supports business processes and operations on an operational level, for example, retail information system to record customer purchases, track inventory and pay employees.

Major roles of an IS

In my next blog, I will discuss who uses an Information System and why. I will also discuss the many benefits of an Information System.


  • Cathal Doyle
  • Professor Michael Bieber

2 Responses to “What is an Information System and what are it’s major roles?”

  1. sad112759089 February 17, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    Interesting video! Give my blog a look at on how we use information systems daily and how Tesco have used information systems to their advantage.

  2. sad111448852 February 20, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    I like your you tube clip. Very interesting and really enchances the text. Look forward to hearing more.

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