The Analyst.

16 Feb

Many organisations have a common IT role called analyst. What this role involves can vary with different types of analysts.

4 types of Analysts:

Requirements analysts who are responsible for requirements elicitation.

Systems analysts are responsible for analysing the organisations requirements. This is done to determine the system needs, in order to fulfil those requirements.

Business analysts are responsible for understanding the business in question.

Business system analysts (BSA) are accountable for the responsibilities of the requirements analyst, business analyst, and a system analyst.

Three reasons organisations employ a BSA:

1. Developers can’t elicit requirements. Developers may not have the communication skills needed to elicit requirements successfully. Acquiring these skills can take too much training, costing an organisation time and money.

2. Stakeholders are unable to model and document their system requirements. Even when stakeholders are given training or support they still need someone to guide and facilitate their efforts.

3. Most projects need analyst experts. Agile developers are people with a general understanding of the software process, the domain, but may not be experts in every aspect of the project. This is where a BSA comes into play.

reference: Rethinking the Role of Business Analysts, Scott Ambler


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