The role of the Analyst.

17 Feb


A Business System Analyst on a software development team will perform a range of activities within their team role.

1. Scope the system.

During the initial phase of a project, BSAs may be the only development staff working on the project. They will work with the project stakeholders to formulate and communicate the business vision and to scope the project. They may also aid in reengineering the underlying business process.

2. Translate business needs.

A major responsibility of BSAs is to work with project stakeholders and determine their requirements, which they can then pass on to the developers of the system. They are required to translate the information into something that the developers can understand. This is an iterative process throughout the project. It is important that the information provided is consistent and the vision of the project is clear. The BSA may be required to act as a negotiator, between the stakeholder and the developer. Ultimately the BSA will act as a knowledge integrator.

3. Translate technical issues.

BSAs will be required to explain technical complexities to project stakeholders, who may not have the same IT knowledge as an analyst or system developer.

4. Act as a communication broker.

BSAs communicate with others in the business community and aid development teams in finding the right people to work with.

5. Test and validation.

BSAs will work with project stakeholders to validate their requirements and analysis models through regular reviews and walkthroughs of the system. BSAs can also write a user acceptance test (UAT) for a testing organization.

6. Represent stakeholders.

When project teams don’t have easy access to stakeholders, developers will gather requirements and system priorities from the BSA, who in turn get their information from the stakeholders.


2 Responses to “The role of the Analyst.”

  1. sad111388506 February 19, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    Great blog! Detailed and well organised! Good job!

  2. sad111495342 March 10, 2013 at 11:13 pm #

    Very good blog! Nice breakdown of the range of activities within team roles of analysts. Well done

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