Who uses an Information System and what are the benefits of an Information System?

17 Feb

Hi there,

Many people make use of an Information System in an organisation. These include top managers, middle managers and knowledge workers, supervisors and team leaders, and operational employees. There are many benefits to these people that make use of an Information System, such as;

  • central access
  • easy backup
  • central distribution of information
  • easy record-keeping
  • easy tax preparation
  • easy customer trait identification

Among the main advantages of the information system been used in the business are its ability to facilitate business activities with huge amount of information and organized resource and the ease of transaction in terms of speed and cost.

An information system is all about providing the most usable information needed, and is there to empower users and equip them with the tools to do their jobs most effectively. An information system offers a litany of benefits that help to make the process of managing information easier. Central access, easy back up, central distribution of information, easy record keeping, easy tax preparation, as well as easy customer trait identification, are just a few of the benefits offered by an information system. Central access means all organisation members have one point to access all organizationally public information and increases efficiency. Having information in a variety of locations can be cumbersome and cause information to be overlooked. With easy back up, the chances of lost data are decreased and organisational staff will tend to back up more regularly as the system is easy to navigate. Easy record keeping and tax preparation go hand in hand as they both mutually benefit each other. Time is not lost with missing information from poorly kept records, and information is therefore readily available for tax preparation. To receive the greatest benefit overall, it is important to understand that it is an adaptable tool that should progress as your business progresses. Information systems are rarely innovative or ‘out of the box’ business solutions. They are designed to grow with you and enhance your organisation’s information delivery in the process.

Next week I will discuss why Information Systems fail and samples of these particular failures.

Have a good week!




One Response to “Who uses an Information System and what are the benefits of an Information System?”

  1. sad112759089 February 18, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    Great blog,you may like my blogs too, one were I wrote about how Tesco use Information systems to their advantage!

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