Agile Methods Over Traditional

18 Feb

Traditional Methods such as the Waterfall Model have been outdated with large amounts of documentation and a huge lack of ability to change.

IT projects have been associated with high failure statistics for example:

  • 30-40% of system projects fail prior to completion.
  • Failed systems in the USA cost $100 billion per year.
  • 51% of projects exceed their budgets by 189%, and only deliver 74% functionally.

Why do these projects fail? Basically it’s down to poor planning and system analysts attempting to design a massive system without looking to the needs of a consumer.

Remember: Our primary goal should be to create value for the organisation.

Whats a possible solution? Agile Software Development Methods

Agile is based on people over processes. Human interactions are more important than the company’s processes and tools. The primary aim is to develop software in iterations which last for 1-4 weeks. Agile methods believe in less documentation and use Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach.

More Reasons for Agile:

  • The customer is on-site and involved in the development process which really helps reduce failures as it should be more likely to meet requirement needs. Agile Modelers have the confidence to allow their customers to questions and sometimes complain about the system development.
  • Agile methods such as Scrum are more adaptive to change and are alot more straightforward in relation to paper work.

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