How do we set up a project team?

18 Feb

As is mentioned in previous blogs by my group members there can be many many members in a project team. Instead of reviewing the roles and responsibilities of these members I’m going to analyse how are project team can be formed. Take the health information technology sector for example. The size and composition of a project team in the health sector depends on the scope of the implementation. It is advisable that a project manager and one other physician champion should be selected. As is mentioned in recent blogs the project manager should have good communication and organisational skills. The reason why a physician champion should be selected in the early planning stage is due to provide a clinical perspective. Other team members will need to be selected on the basis of the needs of the project. The composition of the project team is vitally important as the success of the project depends on the people involved.  For example, a doctor in your local will likely need members of a project team from different functional areas such as nursing, registration, billing, and medical records etc.

A typical image of a project team in the health information technology sector.




One Response to “How do we set up a project team?”

  1. sad111503783 March 4, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    Great guidelines and very easy to follow!

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