The key differences of Flowcharts and Data Flow diagrams

18 Feb

Last week I explained DFD’S and flowcharts on a basic level. This week I will discuss the key differences between  flowcharts and a DFD’s. They are both used to show a particular process as I mentioned in my last post. They both have a similar look but the main difference between the two is that Data Flow Diagrams show the flow of Data whereas Flowcharts show steps to complete the process.

This is an example of a blank flowchart and a basic Data Flow Diagram.  Many of my group members have suggested using more images to back up my points. Both diagrams look similar at first but have different functions.


It is clear from the diagrams above that flowcharts have no initial input or output to an external source. DFD’s however show data from external to internal or internal to external.

The timing of the two charts is also different. There is a particular order with Flowcharts and they have many different sequences whereas DFD’s do not.

As seen above, DFD’s show how a system functions while Flowcharts show how to make a system function properly.

These are the key differences between Flowcharts and Data Flow Diagram’s. I hope you all found it useful. Please leave comments below and feedback is always welcomed.


One Response to “The key differences of Flowcharts and Data Flow diagrams”

  1. sad109652752 February 19, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    nice and gets to the point… great use of visual use of diagrams to clarify your point

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