The value of Information- Recycling

18 Feb

Like in the afore mentioned post Information has to be structured by the 7 r’s  according to Koniger and Janowitz. but furthering this it must managed properly so as to be valuable again. information does not nessicarily have to lose its value once you have used it , it can be used many time if it is managed correctly. As the old saying goes ” There’s no need to keep inventing the wheel”.

This is a huge cause for business mis-management and causes a vast quantity of information to not be efficient. As O’Brien states” the success of an information system should not be measured only by by its efficiency in terms of minimizing costs, time and the use of informationresources. Success should also be measured by the effectiveness of the information technology in supporting the organisation’s business strategy, enabling it’s business processes, enhancing  organizational stuctures and cultures and incresing customer and business value of the enterprise through its information”. This not only means by USING the information correctly but by also RETAINING it and RETRIEVING it when nessicary.


Koniger P.; Janowitz K. drowning in information,but thirsty for knowledge, international journal of information management, Volume 15, number 1, Feb 1995. pp 5-16.

O’ Brien, J.A. INtroduction to Informations Systems 12th edtion,McGraw.Hill, New York2005.



2 Responses to “The value of Information- Recycling”

  1. sad111343201 February 18, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    I never knew that, very informative!

  2. sad111374376 February 18, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    Great blog!

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