18 Feb

Today I will focus more on the role of I.S in an organisation. There are several information systems used by an organisation. Employees in an organisation need Information systems to do their job properly. This goes to executives at the top of an organisation to middle management to employees in operational roles.

I will start with the Executive Supports system(ESS). It is considered a specialized form of decision support system (DSS).
It is used for senior management to make strategic decisions to gain competitive advantage. What does it exactly do? It gathers information both internally and externally. It then analyses and summarises this information for senior management. It highlights trends in important factors of the organisation so that they can monitor performance and identify opportunities and problems for the organisation.

ESS provides quick access to organised data from departments, some Executive Support System tools also provide analysis tools that predicts a series of performance outcomes over time using the input data. It provides possible outcomes and quick reference to statistics and numbers needed for decision-making.

That is the Executive Support system best explained.


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