Trends in information systems: Data Mining in I.S.

18 Feb

In my last blog i talked about Information systems used in todays world. Today i will tell you all about data mining in information systems and i hope you all will learn something valuable from it.

Firstly one must know that data mining is used to make sense of large amounts of un-ordered data. People who make sense of the data are usually the collectors of the data. Businesses are the biggest users of data mining since they routinely collect data for business and its up to them to sort the data to keep the business a float. Businesses have a vested interest in data because they can gain new knowledge in their area and evolve their business in a new way.

In the definition of data mining the key tern is “make sense” as we see new data as a way of interpreting new information in a way that makes life easier and more understandable. Data should be understandable, useful and novel.The most convenient outcome from data mining would be knowledge or a model of the data that can be described in easy to understand terms,Some data mining techniques generate models of the data in terms of production rules, For example, Blockbuster Entertainment mines its video rental history database to recommend rentals to individual customers. Or American Express can suggest products to its cardholders based on analysis of their monthly expenditures.

Data mining helps us in life everyday so we can again see how information systems help us in todays world.

Thank you!


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