Using I.S. for Decision Making

18 Feb

Uses for D.S.S and other I.S in an Organization


As discussed in my last blog post,, Decision Support Systems supports individuals/ groups in organizations decision-making activities.  It importantly supports the three levels of decision making within an organization.  In this blog I will be explaining what these three levels and, thus, convey how D.S.S can be useful.

All organizational decision making can be divided into three levels; Executive, Managerial and Operational. 


Executive level is at the top of decision process.  Decisions made her include summaries of past organizational data and projections of the future.  Such decisions are made by some of the most important individuals in the organization; senior managers.  The executive level overall improves the organizational strategy and planning.

Managerial level monitors and controls the operational activities of the organization.  It is the midlevel and functional managers that make such decisions.  Managerial level improves the overall organizational effectiveness.

Finally, the Operational Level, which deals with decisions that occur every day in the organization.  It automates routine and repetitive activities and events.  These decisions are made by supervisors.  Although such decisions may appear to have less significance than those made by the executive and managerial level, making the correct operational decisions is vital for the growth and survival of an organization.  It improves the overall organizational activity.

Together the three organizations tackle any query which may arise in an organization.  Information Systems (for example D.S.S, which have been previously discussed) can immensely help decision making for the three levels. 




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