What is the role of a systems analyst?

18 Feb

A systems analyst is an information systems professional who specialises in analysing and designing information systems; an information system is a set of interrelated components that collect, retrieve, process, store, and distribute information to support decision-making and control in an organisation.
Information systems are crucial across all levels of an organisation: At an operational level they are used to support business processes and operations; at a tactical level they support business decision-making; and at a strategic level they also support decision-making and help a company gain a competitive advantage. These roles carried out information systems are vital in the smooth running of a business and so it is imperative that the systems analyst understands exactly what an organisation requires the system to do. They must create systems that work specifically for the selected organisation based on specific information gathered in advance.
There are three methods that systems analysts use to gather the information they need in order to build a relevant and successful system: traditional methods such as interviews, surveys and observation; modern methods such as Joint Application Design (JAD), Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) and prototyping; and radical methods such as Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).
It is vital that systems analysts carrying out a selection of these methods and gather information in order for them to build a successful system that will carry out the purpose intended.

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