Failure of Information Systems…. Can this be reduced??

19 Feb

Last time we looked at the main causes of failure when developing Information Systems. With 50-70% of new systems failing what, if anything can businesses do to prevent such failure and reduce the risk of systems failing??

There are a some steps businesses can take to reduce I.S failure. These steps include:

1. Be More prepared- A common reason for failure is lack of preperation. When businesses fail to prepare they come accross more problems when developing the system. By being more prepared before development businesses can reduces the risk of failure.

2.Flexibility- Some Information Systems are not flexible which can result in failure as the sysyem cannot be modified to meet new demands. By ensuring a system is flexible it can allow the business to make changes and avoid disposing of the system before completion.

3.Involve all people within the business organisation who will us the system- Sometimes failure is down to the fact that not all people who use the system have been involved in its development. All parties who will have access to the system should have a contribution if this is possible. This will ensure that all user need and requirements will be met and upon completion of the system everyone will be satisfied and use the sysyem rather than it being a waste of money.

These are 3 steps businesses can take to reduce the risk of I.S failure, with large financail investments also at stake it is essential that businesses try to reduce the risk of failure happening.


One Response to “Failure of Information Systems…. Can this be reduced??”

  1. sad111388506 February 19, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    Do we know of any businesses that have reduced their IS failure ??

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