Flowcharts are they perfect?

19 Feb

Without a doubt flowcharts can be seen by many as the perfect modelling tool.
The main benefit of flowcharts is that the visual representation of processes allows those who are not familiar with the process to understand how it works and more importantly to see where there are disconnects. They simplify the processes, allowing one to see and then remove non value adding parts of that process or the entire process. These charts indicate bottlenecks that cause delays and fail points that cause the system to fail. The ultimate goal is to see the problems with a system and make changes in a attempt to streamline and improve the entire process.

However as great as flow charts seem to be, they still have their drawbacks. One of the main limitations of flow charts is their inability to see external factors that were omitted from the original process. This could cause the ones analyzing the system to miss crucial parts. They also could be considered too simple. If any changes are made to a flow chart the entire diagram has to be changed. Even with these drawbacks, flow charts are still a useful tool to use in diagnosing system.

There are many uses for flow charts. Perhaps the most important use it’s ability to represent the open system so perfectly. Flow charts show inputs coming in and how they create the outputs. Each component of the open system is visualized in the flow chart. Management should use flow charts as a way to diagnose their organization. They should model the flow charts using the components of their system so as not to miss any crucial part.

reference catahaldoyle.com lecture 15

cathaldoyle.com lecture 16


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