Planning & Analysis – Systems Development LifeCycle

19 Feb

The first two steps of the SDLC are planning and analysis, both are equally important in the successful running of the SDLC. 



It would be foolish in any organization for a company to go straight out and build their idea without first planning to see if it is feasible to complete. Firstly, the problem must be identified. After that has been decided, each team members roles and responsibilities can be decided. The plan is set out and a feasibility study is completed to assess the project. By the end of the planning stage the main deliverables are exact roles of staff members, a project statement and a feasibility report.


Once planning has got the go-ahead we can move onto Analysis.


In the analysis section, we asked questions like ‘why does the problem already exist?’ and ‘what can we do to change it?’ A detailed analysis is undertaken to discover the answers to these questions and to obtain an understanding of the business needs.

It is important during analysis to prioritise a users wants and needs, to get to know what the main outcome is. The key deliverables of Analysis is to produce a formal requirements document.


Thanks for listening 😀 Next time i’ll explain the next two stages of the SDLC



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  1. sad111429912 February 24, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    Good job! Very interesting 😉

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