Success in Agile

19 Feb

Hey I.S world!

Today’s blog is going to be about success in Agile Software Development, how this can be achieved and some real life examples. In past blogs I’ve discussed both the advantages and dis-advantages to Agile Software Development and this blog will be a continuation on that by explaining how the disadvantages can be avoided and how you can gain huge benefits from agile software development.

One of the main factors of success in Agile Software Development is communication. The reason for this being that there is a knowledge barrier between the analyst and the user. While the user has very little knowledge on what programming is needed for their requirements, an analyst might not understand why a user wants their system to work or look a particular way. An example of this would be the end user display, the user might specify that they want a plain display with very little colour and large font. An  analyst who doesn’t communicate with the user might decide that this is too simple and add colour and extra elements to the display, however the company might be a meal delivery service who’s main customer base is people over  70 and they wanted the display to be simple to use and easy to see for customers with bad sight. If the analyst had asked the user to explain the reasons behind their specific requirements they might have been able to apply their programming knowledge on features that would be more beneficial to the end –user

Another factor of success in Agile Software Development is time. With such a high percentage of system failures and time efficiency being a huge focus in the business world it can be important that an analyst knows where to focus in terms of gaining as much value from the software for the customer while also keeping to the set time frame. Communication has also a major influence on this success factor.

I don’t want this blog to feel never-ending so I’m going to continue on this topic in my next blog for those of you in I.S world who wish to gain more amazing knowledge on success in Agile Software Development but until then….

Bye I.S world



2 Responses to “Success in Agile”

  1. sad111477238 February 20, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

    Nice blog..I like the way you stressed the importance of communication in the agile Agile model.

    • sad111421168 February 21, 2013 at 9:17 am #

      Thank you very much for your feed back I felt that when you look at the disadvantages of Agile Software Developement that most of them could be avoided through proper communication and I’m really glad that came across in my blog.

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