The Role of The Team Leader

19 Feb

The role of a team leader in an IS Project is a very important one. A team leader is someone who guides the team and instructs each individual of what to do and when to do it. A leaders main goal is to drive his/hers team members towards a common goal/result.

However , the role of a team leader is not suited to every individual. A team leader must possess important characteristics and personality traits in order to be successful.They play a variet of roles in a team project.

  • Leadership – Most important quality is leadership.He/she must set the goals for the project.They must provide clear and concise direction to the team members. A good team leader also acknowledges team members contributions.
  • Knowledge – Must understand the target project so that they can help their team sty focused and motivate them to achieve their goal.
  • Decision Making – Makes the final decision on team members ideas and must accept all accountability for the decision. May have to make tough decisions like terminate the project if things are not going to plan.
  • Planning – The project leader draws up a project plan that will achieve its goal within the least time frame and with the least cost. They must approve of the plan with management before they start.
  • Communication – They must be in constant contact with members and management informing them of key decisions and project progressions.

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