Advantages Vs Disadvantages of DFD’s…

20 Feb

Last week I had a discussion on the key characteristics of Data Flow Diagrams. This week I will discuss the advantages of DFD’s and also the drawbacks of DFD’s to try and get a full understanding of the system.


 1. Advantages of data flow diagram:

  • It aids in describing the boundaries of the system.
  • It is beneficial for communicating existing system knowledge to the users.
  • A straightforward graphical technique which is easy to recognise.
  • DFDs can provide a detailed representation of system components.
  • It is used as the part of system documentation file.
  • DFDs are easier to understand by technical and nontechnical audiences
  • It supports the logic behind the data flow within the system.

                     2. Disadvantages of data flow diagram:

  • It make the programmers little confusing concerning the system.
  • The biggest drawback of the DFD is that it simply takes a long time to create, so long that the analyst may not receive support from management to complete it.
  • Physical considerations are left out.

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