Disadvantages of the Waterfall Model.

20 Feb

Today I am going to look at the disadvantages of the Waterfall Model. I hope you enjoy reading it.



  • Difficult to estimate resource accurately

When only limited information is available it is difficult to estimate resources with accuracy.  This model often forces users to estimate costs. It also initiates project planning to occur after only a limited amount of analysis has been performed.

  • Verification of S.R.S by User cause Problems

In short, the verification of the requirements specification document performed by the customer is not very effective, and basing future developments on, it may cause serious problems. Requirements specification results the written document that describes the requirements.  But no matter how precise the description is; it is very difficult for the user to anticipate whether the final system that will be constructed according to the specifications will eventually meet his or her expectations.  The real feedback will always be given after the real system is delivered.

  • Unable to adopt change during development

The waterfall model does not stress the need for anticipation changes.  Quite the opposite, the underlying philosophy is that we should strive for linearity by freezing as must as we can in the early stages.

Unfortunately, real life shows that changes occur more frequently than expected.  But since changes are not anticipated by the model, accommodating them is hard, costly, and unreliable.

  • Documentation

The model enforces standards that are heavily based on the production of certain documents at certain specific times.  In fact, we characterized the process as document driven.  The emphasis leads to a somewhat bureaucratic style of work.

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