Traditional Methods of Software Development. The Spiral Model.

20 Feb

The Spiral Model is another method of Traditional Software Development. This method only has 4 stages.  Planning, Risk Analysis,  Engineering and Evaluation. Software projects repeatedly pass through phases in spirals called iterations. This model is based on a number of prototypes that go through each phase.,_1988).png”


1. Planning -This stage involves identify the objectives (what the  IS should do), Identify the resources and constraints associated with the project.

2. Risk Analysis – Evaluating the options relative to objectives and constraints and conduct a risk resolution are an essential part of this stage.

3. Engineering – This phase involves developing parts of the system for example the software requirements or design aspect.

4. Evaluation- This phase involves planning the next phase, this depends on what kind of prototype stage its on.


One Response to “Traditional Methods of Software Development. The Spiral Model.”

  1. sad111313976 February 26, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    I now have the confidence to write a blog on the spiral model thank you !!!

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