What is the role of a system analyst: why companies need them

20 Feb

When it comes to companies such as DELL they are reliant on Systems analysts as they work with various professionals in business and computer careers to select the most optimal hardware, software, internet and networking tools that will accomplish business goals.

As these projects become very costly in this profession, you need to stay within a broad budget or provide an acceptable cost-benefit over a period of time.

Within the company the System Analyst will use various modelling techniques, accounting principles and business analyses. According to http://computer-careers-review.toptenreviews.com “to make a database the most useful, it needs to contain data needed by different departments within a company, and data needs to be presented in a way that end-users can most benefit”. End-users may be employees or customers or a combination of both. It is vital that the database will facilitate different security levels so that only employees can access certain information or database fields to perform certain tasks without encountering threats from malicious software’s, and customers will also be able to access information but only to a certain extent.

The system also needs to have the capacity to support multiple users and have enough memory to support growth over an acceptable period of time.These tasks cannot be complete by employees from other sectors as they don’t have the skills and qualities which are needed so that is why it is vital that companies such as DELL have high skilled system analysts working in the company.



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