Worst I.S. Failures

21 Feb

Thought it would be interesting looking at the most infamous I.S. disasters. Apparently software errors cost the U.S. economy $60 Billion annually, which is insane.

One absolute fail of an Information System occurred in 1999 when The U.K. Passport Agency implemented a new Siemens computer system. The system failed to issue passports on time for a half million British citizens. The Agency then had to pay millions in compensation, staff overtime and even umbrellas for people queuing in the rain for passports!

This was caused by when the Passport Agency rolled out its new computer system, it never proporly tested it or trained its staff on how to use it. The cost of this was £12.6 Billion!

Another interesting yet costly failure happened in 1962. NASA’s Mariner 1 rocket with a space probe which was heading for Venus diverted from its intended flight path shortly after launch.  This meant Mission Control was forced to destroy the rocket only 293 seconds after liftoff.

This cock-up was caused by human error. A programmer incorrectly transcribed a handwritten formula into computer code, missing a single superscript bar.  Without the smoothing function indicated by the bar, the software treated normal variations of velocity as if they were serious, causing faulty corrections that sent the rocket off course. The cost of this mistake was in the region of $18 Billion.

Here is the link! http://www.devtopics.com/20-famous-software-disasters-part-3/


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