A Detailed Look At The Product Owner.

22 Feb


In some cases the project team is not located within the same place as the project stakeholders, and sometimes the project team itself, as well as the stakeholders, can be in many different locations. This is often the case with large organizations. When a team is distributed across various locations, effective communication strategies, like telephone and video conferencing, are essential.

The role of the Product Owner is a crucial element of communication between the team and the stakeholders.

There are several aspects of this role:

Product owners are responsible for the communication between the team and their stakeholders. The product owner acts as a stakeholder substitute within the development team and also as a project team representative to the stakeholders.

Product owners need to facilitate communication and are required to have good communication skills. They need to interact with the stakeholders often, and facilitate stakeholder’s interaction with the team. Face to face communication could be seen as more effective than documentation in this respect.

Product owners are at the helm. The product owner is the sole person responsible for prioritizing deliverables and for informing the team of the system requirements.

Product owners need a broad range of skills. They need to have knowledge of the relevant domain to recognise stakeholder requirements. They need negotiation skills to mediate between stakeholders and developers.

The product owner is empowered to make fundamental decisions in a timely fashion and has a great deal of control over the system development.


One Response to “A Detailed Look At The Product Owner.”

  1. sad111495342 March 10, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

    Very nice and concise. I agree that there are a lot of responsibilities of a project owner within an IS project.

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