Benefits of Agile.

22 Feb

My previous blogs dealt with three different methods of agile software development; XP, SCRUM and Kanban. Those blogs informed you on the method’s set up and how they operated. In this blog I intend to show you the benefits of agile methods.

Innovation is key to any companies success. This innovation can come in many different forms, Apple Inc. keep producing brand new products for example. Implementing agile software development is a decision numerous companies have agreed on. Its benefits are significant in the improvement of firms. It provides firms and government bodies with reduced risk, increased productivity and increased visibility of progress just to name a few.

General Electric, GE, incorporated agile. It allowed GE successfully complete a project on business analytics in only one year as opposed to 18-24 months using the old system.They wanted to dissect information faster and agile aided them in this. Their efficiency has improved greatly since the incorporation of agile. British Airways and NYSE Euronext are 2 other companies who sensibly switched to agile methods of software development.

Richard Spires, CIO of the Department of Homeland Security complimented the way agile (SCRUM in this case) lowers risk and delivers capabilities in an incremental way.

Using agile methods of software development  to better quality products, improved customer and business satisfaction, allowed companies to make important mid-course production changes and has been an overall asset to companies. IBM, one of the top 10 brands in the world uses agile. I assure, agile software development will aid you greatly. Implement it.




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