Shortcuts to success = Motivation + Teamwork

22 Feb

Every single person, all around the world, wants the shortcuts to success. The only shortcut to success is cutting out the mistakes, but mistakes are inevitable. Problems can be viewed as positives or negatives. Depending on the dynamics of the group, problems can completely halt a project or can just be seen as a pointer in the right directing.

                No matter if every person on the team is working to 100% of their ability, they still can’t achieve absolute accomplishment without the entire effort of the group.  Creating a team is easy and some people see working as a team as an easy process but having a successful team is one of the hardest things to accomplish

                This link, even though it is a speech to an American football team from the movie; “Any Given Sunday” it is the perfect description of teamwork and how people should be motivated on any team.


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