The History of Agile Software Development

22 Feb

I’m back as the show must go on. Hopefully ye are all feeling fresh and agile after the entertaining and eventful R&G week.

In the following blog I will give a brief background to the history of Agile Software Development.

Many information system gurus state that Agile Software Development evoked in the mid 1990’s as part of a reaction against heavyweight waterfall methods. These methods have been criticised as being heavily regulated and micromanaged. Long before all this other methods can be evidently seen. Below outlines a brief timeline of events:

1968- This was the age of Software Engineering which was evoked by the NATO Software Engineering Conference.

1986- The New New Product Game article which featured Harvard Business Review brought new light to the future of software development.

1995- The birth of the SCRUM method.

1996- Extreme Programming was first launched.

2001- The Agile Manifesto is created

Early 2000’s- The death of software engineering.

The Future- SCRUM, LEAN, Karban etc.



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  1. sad111353781 February 24, 2013 at 3:36 pm #

    Really interesting post 🙂

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