What is an Information System?

22 Feb

What is an Information System?

A system is a collection of interrelated parts that work together to achieve one of more common purposes. A system is generally made up of 5 components: Input, Process, Output, Feedback, and Control. The input collects or captures raw data from both internal and external sources. A process converts the raw data into meaningful form, and the output transfers the processed information to people who will use it. The feedback controls the output returned to the appropriate members of the organisation that will then help them in the evaluation of the input stage, whereas the control will monitor and evaluate feedback to determine whether a system is moving towards achieving its goal, and if not, it will make the necessary adjustments.

An Information System is a set of interrelated components that collect, retrieve, process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control within an organisation. An information system is made up of five components: Data, Hardware, Software, People and Telecommunications Networks.

Information Systems are more than just computers! To use information systems effectively, requires a clear understanding of the organisation, management and information technology all together shaping the system!

Today’s blog briefly describes what an information system is. Over the coming weeks, I intend on explaining the major roles of an Information System, how useful IS are to business and everyday life and also the distinguishing between the many different types of Information Systems, their benefits and their downfalls.

Hope you enjoyed the blog, and thanks for reading.

Link: http://cathaldoyle.com/lecture-2-what-is-an-information-system/


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    v.helpful 🙂

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