Decision making support systems -DSS

23 Feb

In the current climate each different level of management has to make decisions they may never have had to make before but how?


Decision support systems are computer based information systems which analyse imputed business data  and provide an interactive system to help management to make decisions regardless of whether or not the decision is critical or not. These systems aid decision making from when the problem is recognised, all the way to the part when it comes to implementing the decision chosen. These systems use the personal judgement of the person making the decision, specialised databases and analytical decision making models which are generally computer based.


These systems are needed now more than ever in everyday business as decisions have had to be taken quicker  e.g the bank guarantee at start of  the recession being just one example. It has been proven over the years that human response to decision making can be a little too slow to keep up with 21st century business as everything is now done through computers, and we all know computers are faster in some cases than the human brain.The system itself is now used to help management make snap decisions  by compiling raw documents, personal knowledge, business models and documents all on one computer program.






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  1. sad111417672 February 23, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    interesting blog! 🙂

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