Increasing reliability on technology creates more jobs for system analysts.

23 Feb

A system analyst is very important in system analysis and design. The system analysts don’t involve themselves in the actual development of the hardware and software but they research problems, plan solutions and recommend software and systems.
Without proper research and planning of a system it can cause major upset and problems to the users of the system and cause system failure.
To be a system analyst “You need to understand how systems interact, it’s really about how information and process flows through the system.”

A system analyst combines business and information systems knowledge to develop systems to meet the business’s needs. With the developing reliability of computer systems for businesses in the 21st century it is creating more jobs for system analysts.

System analysts either add a few new software programs to update existing computer systems other times system analysts design completely new software systems. New and improved computers can achieve problematic tasks and processes. Therefore, businesses are developing and upgrading their systems.


A system analyst enables systems with different setups to communicate on both a hardware and software level. Systems are increasingly varied due to the development of smartphones and applications which will replace functions of a PC computer, e.g. the iPhone.

Growth in the specific occupation of a system analyst is motivated by the continuous growth in the computer processing industry however, this is only one of the many industries that system analysts are important for.




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