Using IS For Decision Making

23 Feb

There are many types of IS including executive support systems, management information systems, decision support systems,knowledge management systems, transaction processing system and office automation system. These are just some of the IS used in businesses today. The benefits of investing in these systems are huge. In this blog I am going to take about the management information systems. This system is mostly used within the business/organisation and is used to help to help middle managers. Managers usually take data from transaction processing systems ans summarise them into management reports. For example, an MIS might indicate to the middle manager the current level of sales for a particular month and help them reach the required level for the month. There are four stages of decision making.

1. Intelligence

Discovering, identifying and undersatanding the problems occuring in the organisation.

2. Design

Exploring solutions to the problem.

3. Choice

Choosing among solution alternatives.

4. Implementation

Keeping an eye on the solution to see how effective it is.

It is well worth investing in MIS as you benefit in the long run because it will tell you how effective your business is and give you solutions to problems that you may not have seen yourself.



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