Build effective project teams

24 Feb

As is mentioned in my previous blog project teams can be used in many different sectors such as the health sector. But before the project team meets for the first time, before they even start forming, storming, norming or preforming, the project manager begins the process to allow the team to work in an effective manner.

Create a high-level resource plan

The resource plan outlines the work that needs to be completed by the team and also sets out how the project team should conduct this work.

Certain personal needed

To develop an effective project team you must get the best people for the job. This appears simple in theory but many factors have to be considered before a candidate is selected:

  • The skills required to complete project objectives
  • Ability to partake in team objectives
  • Monetary demands

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of each tam member are very important as the outcome of the project rests with the team members. These roles and responsibilities has been discussed thoroughly by my group members.

The Team Operating Agreement (TOA)

The project manager needs to ensure the team works together well. One way to ensure this to implement a team operating agreement (TOA). This is a particular set of guidelines and ground rules set out to help the team work well together over the course of the project. The TOA usually includes:

  • Team communications
  • Decision making
  • Meetings
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Is your team set up for success?

For your project team to be successful you can ask yourself some very simple questions:

  • Do you have the right personal on the team?
  • Are your goals and objectives reachable with the team you have employed?
  • Have you outlined procedures for your project team to follow?

Overall in order to build a project team and be successful you must have a plan, implement this with correct personal and follow this plan with guidelines and ground rules.



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  1. sad111495342 March 10, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    Great blog, very concise and informative, well done!

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