Here’s what Irish companies are looking for in a Systems Analyst in 2013

24 Feb

Having looked  through some of the Jobs websites it is clear to see that all of those who are looking for a systems analyst are looking for somebody who already has experience in this area. One of the organisations that were looking for a Systems Analyst was “Eolas Recruitment”. This organisation has outlined that only those with a minimum of 6-7 years IT experience need apply. This shows the important of the role of a SA as they feel they cannot afford any mistakes made by somebody who is raw and inexperienced.

This organisation also outlined the required competencies of a systems analyst. They are as follows……..

  • Good background in all aspects of the software development cycle.
  • A solid technical background.
  • A solid understanding of financial services and investment systems in particular.
  • Strong communications and documentation skills


Another Irish business currently seeking a systems analyst is ““. They are also looking for somebody with

“Several years experience in the IT industry working with finance systems analysis, solution design, and deployment using Oracle applications and/or other Major ERP systems”


Some of the main duties as a systems analyst in this particular organisation include the following….……

  1. To ensure that service level agreements are defined and met.
  2. Ensuring adherence to change control guidelines.
  3. To take responsibility for implementing new technologies and systems into the organisation when required.
  4. To perform the main SA task of collecting requirements for building and supporting business applications for the business to succeed.
  5. To analyse and design short and long term solutions for the Financial Systems.


Hopefully you found this interesting. I feel personally that it gets a bit boring talking about what they do generally but this shows what they do on a practical level and it also shows how the responsibilities vary depending on what type of organisation you find yourself in.


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